After many years of serving the hydraulic tracer segment of fabrication we are ceasing operations as of 10/31/2022. We understand that this will create problems for the many continuing users of tracers. We apologize but continued operations is no longer a viable economic model. This website will continue until April 2026 to serve as a resource for those who still use tracers. We certainly value all our customers and wish them continued success.

MIMIK tracers is the main focus of our support at this time.  We have manufactured Rosebrook valves also since the 1960's.  We are familiar with True-Trace valves and Cadillac valves.  We can usually service single axis valves of the named companies.  For more information about the Rosebrook, True-Trace or Cadillac valves click on page at right.

MIMIK tracers for turning

MIMIK tracers are designed to help with all your turning needs.  We offer units for engine lathes, vertical lathes, vertical boring mills and any other turning applications you might have.  Tracer controls decrease the number of operations and skill level of operator required to operate your machine.  The use of MIMIK tracers reduces the number of tools that are required to turn a part.  It enables you to machine many different features with a  single tool in a single setup.  MIMIK is very useful when cutting radius and angle features.


MIMIK UT series rough cut 4.50 MEG
MIMIK UT series typical installation 1.51 MEG
MIMIK UT series tracing-side view 8.53 MEG
MIMIK UT series tracing-top view 8.51 MEG
We offer many styles and types of tracer valves. We manufacture the MIMIK tracers for turning applications. We can usually repair Rosebrook single axis valves.  We can usually repair single axis True-trace valves.  We can usually repair Cadillac valves.  We have some parts available for all models.  In addition we often have some used or refurbished valves of all manufacture.